What Can I Give My Hamster To Gnaw On? 7 Best Options!

What Can I Give My Hamster To Gnaw On

A hamster’s teeth never stop growing, and they need to gnaw on things throughout the day in order to keep their teeth from getting too long. So, what can I give my hamster to gnaw on? Hamsters need something that is safe and healthy for them to chew on. Here are some ideas on things that hamsters can gnaw on:

1. Wood Blocks 

These are small pieces of wood with a variety of shapes. They come in different sizes and you can buy many types like pine, cedar or cherry. The best part about these little blocks is they don’t have an odor and will not stain your carpet or furniture because the chewing doesn’t cause any liquids to be released from the block.

2. Cardboard Tubes 

A cardboard tube is an excellent option for hamsters to gnaw on. You can find them at most stores in a variety of sizes, colors, and flavors.

3. Paper Towel/Toilet Paper Rolls

This is what I give my hamsters to chew on in their cage every day! They are free for the taking at most households or public restrooms. You can also use cereal boxes that you would otherwise throw away. Once again, they come in many shapes, sizes and textures, which your small fuzzy friend will love chewing up throughout his entire lifetime!

4. Wooden Sticks

These are sold at pet shops but are usually only available when outside temperatures drop because wood needs to be kept dry or rot easily when exposed to moisture. It’s not fun watching the little guy eat part of a stick until he sees what’s inside…a worm or some other creepy-crawly thing.

5. Treat Sticks

These are sold in pet stores and what I give my hamsters to chew on when they get a little older (about four months) is because the wood is thicker and takes them longer to gnaw through it. You can also make your own treat sticks by soaking apple or grape twigs overnight, then drying them out for two days, removing the bark with an exact knife before giving them to your furry friends!

6. Cooked Corn Cob

This is what I give my hamsters as their main dietary source of food instead of dry food pellets that most people feed their small fuzzy friend every day, which is not good due to the lack of nutrients found within those pelleted foods.

7. Forage Balls

These are what you put in the cages for your small furry friend so he can hunt around his habitat for food all day long! All you have to do is take a jar lid, fill it with seeds or pellets, and place it inside the habitats wheel so that when Hammy spins away, he gets rewarded with yummy goodness! You can also hide fruits or veggies in there too if you feel like spoiling him rotten every once in a while.

Why Hamsters Love Chewing on Things?

Constant chewing helps them maintain healthy teeth and gums, which help keep their mouth clean. Hamsters also enjoy chewing on things because it’s what natural instinct tells them to do. They are also full of energy, so when they chew, it gives them something to do so they don’t get bored or distracted.  

Why Is My Hamster Climbing And Biting Cage?

If you’ve noticed your hamster climbing and biting the cage, it’s important not to panic; hamsters mostly bite the cage when they don’t have anything to chew on. However, sometimes biting a cage is also considered to exhibit normal cage territorial behavior and try to mark its territory as its own. This behavior may be heightened by a need for attention from you, the owner. Therefore, provide your hamster with more time outside of their cage and spend time interacting with it daily and keep enough chewable toys inside their cage.

How Can I Stop My Hamster From Chewing The Bars?

  • Provide plenty of chew toys
  • Give them more time outside their cage each day
  • Make sure they have enough food and water in the cage
  • Keep your hamster’s nails trimmed so that he doesn’t get too frustrated while chewing on things
  • Check your hamster’s teeth and trim them if necessary
  • Clean up any chewed-up bits after they’re done chewing on things!

How To Stop Hamster Chewing Wooden Cage?

It is not very difficult to stop hamsters from chewing wooden cages. You just need to make sure the cage provides an enjoyable environment for your pet, which will keep it busy all day long. You need to know that hamsters are very active animals and most of their activity consists of chewing. So, if they have a lot of free time and don’t have anything to chew on, the chances are high that they will spend it by gnawing on their wooden cage.

It would be best if you took some simple precautions such as adding more objects for him/her to play with and keep busy all day long while you’re out at work or school. You could also add treats like dried fruit pieces or seeds, which he/she would enjoy eating during the day. You could also use a treat ball or chew toys to keep him/her entertained.

In my recent article, I have review a few best hamster cages that come with toys to keep your hamster entertained.

Final Thoughts On What Can I Give My Hamster To Gnaw On

Hamsters are little rodents that enjoy chewing on things. They can chew wood, plastic, and metal if they have the chance to do so. If your hamster is climbing up his cage and start biting the bars, they may need something to gnaw on. I have many safe things in this article that are safe for your hamsters to gnaw on. Be sure not to give him anything too hard or unsafe because he might break his teeth chewing on it. We recommend giving him something safe and relatively small.

If you want more ideas on What Can I Give My Hamster To Gnaw On, please let me know by leaving a comment below! I’ll get back with suggestions as quickly as possible!

Alina Johnson

Alina has years of experience with the hardships and pleasures that come from owning many hamsters. She has been involved with hamsters for about 5 years and knows everything there is to know about owning these furry friends.

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