Is It Normal for My Hamster to Sleep at Night?

A hamster is a furry and sweet animal kept as a pet. Pet has been kept as household pets for hundreds of years.

Hamsters are believed generally to be nocturnal, meaning they are active during the night and sleep during the day, but this has caused a lot of confusion as some hamsters behave otherwise.

Many hamsters owner have questioned the well-being of their pet when they see it sleeping during the night and have decided to go to any length to find the answer to the question; is it normal for my hamster to sleep at night?

Sleeping hamsters are fairly common so it is normal if your hamster sleeps at night. It’s not a problem as long as they’re eating, drinking, and doing fine. 

If your hamster is sleeping all day and night, however, you should take him to a vet to see if there’s an underlying medical condition causing the lack of activity.

Why Is My Hamster Sleeping At Night?

Here are some possible reasons why your hamster might be sleeping at night:

1. It is too hot or too cold in their cage

If your hamster is sleeping at night, this could be because it is too hot or too cold for them in their cage. You should make sure that you provide your pet with an adequate temperature.

f it’s too hot, try adding a layer of bedding under the heat source such as a heating pad, and make sure that there is enough ventilation so that air can circulate around the cage. 

2. He’s old or retired from breeding

When hamsters reach their senior years, they often slow down and sleep more. 

This is especially true if they’ve retired from breeding or if they have a litter of babies underfoot all day long. If your hamster has gone through this transition, 

it’s important to make sure that he’s getting enough food so that he doesn’t get too thin or weak from lack of activity during the night.

3. Stressful Environment

Another reason why a hamster would sleep at night is that their environment is stressful for them to live in. 

If your hamster does not like where they live or if there are too many people around them, this can cause them to become stressed and scared which will lead to them sleeping at night instead of during the daytime hours.

4. Your Hamster is Sick

 If your hamster has been sleeping a lot and not acting normally, then it could be a sign that he’s sick. If this happens, take him to the vet as soon as possible so that they can check him out and get him back on track again.

5. Boredom

If your hamster is not getting enough exercise and mental stimulation, he or she may become bored and sleep more. 

This can happen if you’re away from home for long periods of time, or if your pet has been in captivity for a long time. You should try to keep your hamster occupied with toys and activities so that it doesn’t become lethargic.

Should You Wake A Hamster Up?

Yes, you can wake your hamster up. However, it is important to do so only when necessary and not every single time. 

If you wake your hamster up all of the time, it will get stressed and could become aggressive towards you or other people.

This is because waking a sleeping hamster up can be stressful for them. They’ll be disoriented and confused at first, which can make them feel stressed out. 

If you do need to wake them up, try not to make any sudden movements around them. Also try not to touch them until they’ve fully woken up, as this can also cause stress.

How To Wake Up A Hamster

Waking up a hamster can be done using many different methods. Some are more effective than others.

Here are some simple ways to wake up a hamster:

1. Tap on the cage

The easiest way to wake up a hamster is by tapping on the side of its cage. This usually causes the animal to startle and hop away from the noise. If your pet doesn’t move right away, try tapping again.

2. Use your hand as a perch

Hold your hand out flat, palm down, and let the hamster climb on top of it. Your hand will be more stable than just holding him in the air, so he’ll be less likely to fall off.

3. Gently pet the hamster’s back

tart by stroking the fur between his shoulder blades with one finger. Stroke down his back toward his tail and then back up again until he has enough of this attention and starts to move away from you.

4. Talk gently

When waking up your hamster, talk gently in its ear so that it knows it’s time to get up and start its day. This will make the hamster feel less frightened and more comfortable with the situation.

5. Offer the hamster a treat

Your hamster won’t be hungry yet because he’s asleep, but offering him some food may help stimulate his brain and wake him up. Try giving your hamster a small piece of apple or carrot as soon as possible after waking up.

6. Pet him or brush him

If your hamster is friendly, you can pet him gently on his head or back. This may get him thinking about food and stimulate his brain enough to wake him up. If you have a wire cage, you can also try brushing him with a soft-bristled brush.


So there are several different types of hamsters, and the truth is that we can’t say for certain what their sleeping habits are like. 

The good news is that most common, domesticated types of hamsters do tend to sleep at night, with the exception of Syrian Hamsters which are more nocturnal creatures than others. 

If you’re still concerned about your pet’s daytime sleep patterns and it’s still an infant hamster, don’t fret just yet; it may just be a bit forgetful. After all, it’s trying to learn its way around its surroundings.

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