How To Take Care Of A Golden Hamster: The Ultimate Guide

Many people are looking for how to take care of a golden hamster, but there is so much wrong information out there that it’s hard to know what’s true and what isn’t. This article will cover how to take care of your golden hamsters in detail with tips ( based on the facts). I hope this helps!

1. Understand The Needs Of Your Hamster

Understanding how to take care of a golden hamster starts with understanding what your new pet needs. Golden hamsters are nocturnal, so they sleep during the day and then go out at night to explore their surroundings. Hamsters also need lots of space for exploring–a too-small cage will make them anxious and unhappy. They’re social animals as well! If you get one or more hamsters, be sure to give them ample time together in order to form bonds between themselves before separating them for short periods (during meal times).

2. Provide A Safe, Clean Environment For Your Hamster To Live In

Hamsters are very clean animals, and they spend a lot of time grooming themselves. It’s important to provide them with a safe, clean environment that doesn’t have any dangerous elements like poisonous plants or unsafe levels of ammonia in their bedding.

3. Buy A Cage And Bedding That Is Big Enough For All Of Your Hamster’s Needs

The perfect size of a golden hamster’s cage is 18x18x18 inches. It will give the single Hamster plenty of space to explore and sleep.  Make sure the cage is also escape-proof and has a lot of things to keep your Hamster entertained. The Hamster needs to have plenty of toys, tunnels, ladders, ramps, etc., so they can feel like they’re in their natural habitat.

4. Make Sure You Have An Appropriate Feeding Schedule Set Up

It’s important to feed your Hamster on a regular schedule. A great guideline is to serve healthy food twice a day. However, if you feed them too many treats, they will get sick from eating too much at same time. Read my recent article where I explain about foods hamster can and can’t eat.

5. Give Your Hamster Plenty Of Toys To Keep Them Entertained 

A good way to keep your Hamster entertained is to give them lots of toys that will allow them to practice their natural behaviors. A wheel and a tunnel are two popular options. If you’re not sure how much space they need, then base how many toys you buy on how many hours you want the Hamster to be out exploring during the day.

6. Know How To Handle Emergency Situations Like If Your Hamster Has Escaped Their Cage Or Fallen Ill

This is obviously a scary situation, but it’s important to know how to react if you find yourself in this position. If your Hamster has escaped its cage, then the first thing you need to do is locate them and return them safely home immediately. However, if you cannot find your hamsters, you can put foods like cheese near where they escaped. Then, there is a possibility they will come out for food. 

If your golden Hamster gets sick, the first step is to find out how the Hamster got sick and how quickly they are getting sicker. Note down all the observations and then consult a vet for medical guidance.

How Much Water Should A Golden Hamster Drink?

Golden hamsters need to drink more water then other types of hamsters because they are nocturnal and spend so much time exploring. So make sure your Hamster has access to fresh water at all times, preferably in their cage, rather than having it hidden away where the Hamster can’t get to it easily (they might not be able to escape if they’re thirsty!). The best way is with a ceramic or stainless steel bowl that fits comfortably inside the enclosure.

How Often Should You Clean Your Hamster’s Cage?

Cleaning a hamster’s cage is one of the most important parts of how to take care of your new pet. It needs to be done at least once per week, and more often if you have multiple hamsters in one cage or if there are just too many droppings for it to seem healthy anymore! Always use safe cleaning products that won’t hurt your hamsters, like vinegar mixed with water.

What Are The Signs Of Illness In A Golden Hamster?

Some general signs that your Golden Hamster might be ill include: 

  • Sudden weight loss.Fever or shivering (temperature).
  • Lethargy.
  • Difficulty breathing.
  • Discolored skin/fur on nose or feet.
  • Unusual discharge from eyes, ears, mouth, etc.

Should I Get My Hamster Vaccinated?

There are some illnesses that your Hamster can be vaccinated for, including: 

  • Rabies
  • Lymphocytic choriomeningitis (LCMV)
  • Ctenocephalosis.

Summary on How To Take Care A Golden Hamsters 

To take care of a golden hamster, make sure it has plenty of fresh food and water. You can also provide a wheel for exercise or give the pet treats like fruits and vegetables to keep them happy. Be mindful of moving your new friend too often because they don’t do well with frequent changes in the environment.

The information that you have read in this blog post should give you a good understanding of how to take care of a golden hamster. Remember, it is important for the animal’s health and well-being to provide them with a clean environment and healthy diet.