How Long Can A Dwarf Hamster Go Without Food?

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Dwarf hamsters are one of the more popular types of pet rodents. They’re relatively inexpensive and easy to take care of. However, if you want to go on vacation and want to leave your hamster at home a question may arise in your mind,  how long can a dwarf hamster go without food? I did a quick research on the topic and here’s what I know:

How long can a dwarf hamster go without food? A dwarf hamster can go anywhere from 2 days to 3 days without food before it will become malnourished, starve or even die. Some dwarf hamsters can go longer than 3 days, but it depends on how much they weigh and how much fat is stored in their body.

How Often Should I Feed My Dwarf Hamster?

A dwarf hamster should be fed once daily, and how much it eats depends on the size of the dwarf hamster. A small amount of food can go a long way for this type of rodent, so feed them only what they will finish in one sitting. Read my recent article where I explain what to feed a dwarf hamster.

You should weigh your dwarf hamster to determine how much they need, or how often you will have to feed them. An average size dwarf hamster should eat 1 tablespoon of hamster food each day.

What Are The Signs Of Hunger In A Dwarf Hamster?

  • A lack of activity
  • Cravings for food 
  • Increased thirst
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Lethargy 
  • Open Mouth  

How Long Can Dwarf Hamster Be Left Alone?

A dwarf hamster can be left alone for up to one-week maximum, but you should provide them enough food for 7 days. You can place a food bowl inside the hamster cage and provide food in it.

When you’re going on a vacation or anything longer than that, make sure to have someone watch over your dwarf hamsters – maybe ask a friend or family member if they wouldn’t mind checking in once daily. 

Make sure to clean out the cage before leaving them alone so it doesn’t get too dirty while you’re gone and affects how well they’ll do when you come back (it will smell).

Are Dwarf Hamsters Easy To Take Care Of?

Dwarf hamsters are easy to take care of, as they require less space and fewer supplies than other small pets. 

It is also very important how big their enclosure is – there should not be more than one dwarf hamster per cage. Dwarf hamsters need places to hide when feeling threatened or just want some alone time, such as dark tunnels.

They also need a wheel for exercise and some toys that you can buy from the pet store, which will keep them active during their nighttime hours as well! 

Well, dwarf hamsters have very sensitive stomachs, so it’s important to make sure you give your new friend only healthy foods like fresh vegetables, fruits such as apples and pears but not grapes because these might cause diarrhea. You can also give them bits of hard-boiled egg yolks, cooked whole grain pasta (can be mixed with seeds and grains), bits of chicken, fish, or beef. 

Depending on how much they weigh, a Dwarf hamster will need about 20-30 grams (0.70 – 0.98 oz) of food per day. If you feel like your hamster is getting too fat or too thin, it’s best to talk with a veterinarian about how often and how much you should feed him!

What Should I Do If My Hamster Goes Hungry For Too Long?

If your hamster goes hungry for too long ( more than 3 days), it can become malnourished. It means their muscles and organs will not function properly and it can be fatal if not treated accordingly. 

A malnourished hamster must be taken to a vet right away. The vet will give the hamster fluids via an IV to keep their organs working properly and help them recuperate from starvation. 

If your hamster has gone hungry for a day or two, you can try to feed it small portions of pellets and seed. This should help the hamster’s digestive system get back on track. However, if you find them not eating, it is time to go to a vet.

How Many Days Can A Hamster Go Without Water?

A hamster can go anywhere from one day to three days without water. A dwarf hamster doesn’t drink much water, so they usually get the water from the food they eat, such as carrot, spinach, strawberry, etc. However, if you provide dry food, your hamster will love to drink water.

Summary on How Long Can A Dwarf Hamster Go Without Food

Dwarf Hamsters are easy to take care of! They can go without food for about 2 to 3 days max before it becomes weak and dies. There is no specific amount or frequency of water intake recommendations, but dwarf hamsters seem to drink more in the summer than in winter. 

Generally, these little guys do not need constant attention like other pets. If you go on a vacation, you can leave enough food for them inside the cage.  

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