The Definitive Guide to Hamster Teeth In 2022

Have you ever wondered what hamster teeth are for? Or How do hamster keep their tooth clean? well, Hamster teeth are a strange topic and it is often hard to find answers to the questions that come up about their teeth. This article will explore hamster teeth in-depth and answer all of your burning hamster tooth questions!

How Many Teeth Does Hamster Have?

Hamsters have a set of 4 incisors on either side of their mouth with 2 large canine tusks at the front. Their cheek region has 6 premolars followed by 12 molars which they use for grinding down food.

The hamster’s tooth arrangement is unique to other rodent species, and most rodents do not grow fur in this area as hamsters do. One theory about this phenomenon suggests that it may be an adaptation against ectoparasites or pests such as fleas and ticks. 

How Often Do Hamsters Need To Brush Themselves?

Brushing is not necessary for hamsters, it can keep their teeth clean, chewing on vegetables like carrot, nuts, or pumpkin.  In the wild, hamsters will chew on wood to keep their teeth in good shape and healthy.

You can provide your indoor hamsters few pieces of raw wood so that they can keep their teeth healthy by chewing on wood. However, you can also use hamster toothbrushes if you want to; you can find hamsters toothbrush available in the pet store 

Can Hamster Teeth Overgrow?

Overgrown hamster teeth are most common in hamsters with a condition called rodent malocclusion. Rodent malocclusion is an abnormal alignment of the upper and lower jaw that prevents them from normal chewing, leading to overgrown teeth. 

The hamster’s tooth arrangement is unique to other rodent species, and most rodents do not grow fur in this area as hamsters do. 

One theory about this phenomenon suggests that overgrown teeth are an adaptation to protect themself against ectoparasites or pests such as fleas and ticks ( hamster use their teeth to groom themselves). 

How To Keep Hamster Teeth Healthy?

  1. Provide him with fresh vegetables like spinach or fruit for snacks.
  2. Use a toothbrush to brush his teeth or give him a chew toy that has bristles on it.
  3. Ensure he gets plenty of water by giving him an ample supply of clean, fresh water in his cage.
  4. Offer your hamster treats like hard nuts or dried fruits because they are high in calories and good for their teeth.
  5. Be careful not to overfeed them because this can cause weight gain, which is bad for their dental health.
  6. Clean the cage regularly so that any food particles don’t get stuck around the hamster’s mouth and lead to plaque buildup
  7. Finally, if you notice discoloration on your pet’s teeth, take them to see a vet right away! They could have the oral disease, which requires treatment as soon as possible!

How Much Does It Cost To Trim Hamster Teeth? 

The cost to trim hamster teeth varies depending on how many teeth need to be trimmed. The cost of trimming one tooth is around $20.00 per tooth.

However, some veterans may charge hourly to trim hamster teeth and it can cost anywhere from $50-$80 per hour depending on where you live in the US. For example, if an appointment is 30 minutes long, they may charge around $55.

However, the time taken to trim hamster teeth can vary depending on how many teeth need to be trimmed. Generally, a tooth needs about 10 to 15 minutes.

Can Hamsters Lose Their Teeth? 

Hamsters can lose their teeth if they bite through a hard object or chew on something really tough. For example, if hamsters use their teeth to break open the wire bars of their cage, it could result in hamsters losing some of their teeth.

If hamsters are left with no chewing toys in the cage, they will probably be biting through metal wires on the cage; the hamster will probably break a tooth off while trying to chew on metal wires.

If a hamster loses a single tooth, that can grow back, but if the hamster loses more than one or many hamster teeth, you will have to take your hamster to the vet for help and treat him accordingly. 

Note: If a hamster loses more than one teeth, they will not be able to eat food properly. If not take proper care it will go sick and die.

Why Are Hamster’s Teeth Orange?

It’s not uncommon to find your pet hamster with orange teeth. It is due to a lack of calcium in their diet or an excess of vitamin C and beta carotene.

Hamsters love foods like kidney bean, carrots, sweet potatoes, pumpkins, apples, and other healthy vegetables with beta carotene and vitamin C in them, which is why hamsters have bright orange teeth.

However, most wild hamsters living in a cold environment have white teeth because they chew on ice in winter, making their teeth white. However, there is nothing to worry about if the hamster teeth look orange; orange teeth are considered healthy.  

What Does Hamster Teeth Chattering Mean

If you have ever seen a hamster, then the chances are that you have noticed their teeth chattering. What does this mean?

If you notice hamsters chattering their teeth for long periods or with unusual frequency, there may be an underlying issue such as oral pain, anxiety, or discomfort.

If your hamster is chattering over and over, then there is something wrong with its teeth. Take your hamster to the vet to examine their dental problem. 

What Does It Mean When A Hamster Shows Its Teeth?

A hamster will show its teeth as a warning sign to another animal or for self-defense. It’s also common for the hamster to “play fight” with other animals by showing their teeth and chattering them together in what’s called a threat display.

Most indoor hamster will show their teeth when they are playing or trying to get your attention. This behavior can also occur during petting time and you may need to learn how to play with them properly. They might also be showing their teeth if there’s food nearby they want to eat.

Final Thought

Hamster teeth are an important aspect of the hamster’s health. By keeping your hamsters’ teeth healthy and well-groomed, you can help them live a long, happy life. Hamsters need to chew on things to keep their teeth healthy, so make sure to provide chewing toys to your pet hamster. Hamster can also overgrow their teeth, so make sure you trim their teeth before it grows too long.

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