Fancy Bear Hamster: Everything You Need To Know

Fancy bear hamsters are the cutest and adorable creatures you can own as a pet. They have fancy fur and sometimes even come in fancy colors. Originally from the rainforest of South America, but they are now found all over the world. They have become popular pets in many households due to their easy care requirements and low cost. Following table represent fancy bear hamster Lifespan, weight, body length and color pattern:

Average Lifespan2 Years
Weight85  to 150
Body Length4 to 6 Inches long
Cost$8 to $20
Color PatternMix-Color

Are Fancy Bear Hamsters Friendly?

Fancy bear hamsters are very friendly in nature and make great pets for kids as well. However, it is important to remember that fancy bears cannot be caged with any other hamsters; they will fight each other until one of them dies.

It’s also not a good idea to let your fancy bear run around freely outside, since the chances of getting lost or being eaten by predators like cats, snakes, etc.

They are also very social and enjoy having a companion of their own kind to play with. They can easily live without another fancy bear, as long as you provide enough toys and things to keep them occupied throughout the day so that they do not get bored or lonely at home too much. This is especially important when you leave your fancy bear home alone while going out somewhere else for work etc. You must make sure there’s something around for your furry friend to do!

How To Tame A Fancy Bear Hamster?

Fancy bear hamsters are not the easiest type of pet to tame. They can be very skittish and shy at first, especially if you try to pick them up or force them into doing something they don’t want to do.

It is always a good idea to start building a bond with your hamster from day one by letting it explore its new home on its own terms. You should feel free to leave your fancy’s cage open (when you are around) so that he/she comes out when he wants. This will make him more comfortable around you as time goes by.  

If you notice that your fancy bear is coming out of its cage on its own, it’s time to start playing with him. Play with the fancy in a room where he can see you but not feel threatened by you and his surroundings. Please make sure there are no other pets or kids around at this point since they may scare him into retreating back inside the cage!

Make sure to play for short sessions initially so that your fancy doesn’t get exhausted from all the excitement. You should also make it a fun game (with treats) every time, instead of trying to force them into doing something against their will, which might result in negative behavior.

Do Fancy Bear Hamsters Hibernate?

No fancy bears do not hibernate. They actually require constant access to food and water at all times, even during winter. This is one of the main reasons why it’s not a good idea to leave your fancy bear hamster home alone for too long when you go on vacation or out somewhere else for work etc.

They will need you to refill their food and water supply throughout the day so that they do not get dehydrated in your absence. It is also advisable to leave them with a small heater (placed under the cage) which can keep their homes warm even during the winter months.

What Can Fancy Bear Hamsters Eat?

Fancy bears are omnivores which means they eat both meats as well as plants/fruits in order to get sufficient nutrition from their diet.  

They should be given a mixture of fresh fruits, vegetables like carrots and peas (fresh) every day, and some commercial rodent mix pellets and seeds that can easily be found at pet stores around town. Just make sure that whatever you feed your fancy bear is fresh and not too old as they won’t eat it even if it’s healthy.

And, make sure to provide them with fresh water every day.

How Long Does It Take For A Fancy Bear Hamster To Give Birth?

The gestation period for a fancy bear hamster is about 16-18 days. Once the female fancy bear gives birth, you can let her raise them on her own baby or you can take care of them. 

It’s always better not to separate babies from their mothers if there seems to be a problem with mom neglecting/ignoring them which might happen in rare cases. Make sure that mom is well taken care of and gets the right kind of food to eat, especially if you have noticed her becoming more aggressive since she has given birth.

Do Fancy Bear Hamsters Bite?

Fancy bears can be very aggressive sometimes, especially if they feel threatened. They have extremely sharp teeth, which is why it’s not a good idea to try and pick them up or force them into doing something against their will. 

Try to make your special friend comfortable with you by playing games like ‘hide and seek’ with a treat in your hand so that they come out of their own fancy.

It is also important to remember that every fancy bear has its own unique personality, which means some of them might be more aggressive than others when it comes to humans interacting with them!

How To Tell The Gender Of A Fancy Bear Hamster?

The gender of a fancy bear hamster can be determined from the age of about three weeks. You can determine a male hamster by checking their genitals and a female fancy by looking at her swollen nipples.

Females also have an extra pair of mammary glands on both sides which means it’s easier to determine their gender around this time as compared to males who only have one set of sexual organs.

Fancy Bear Hamster Facts

  • Fancy bear hamsters are the most popular pet of all time
  • A female can have up to six litters in one year, each litter having four to six babies
  • Fancy bear hamsters are nocturnal creatures and sleep during the day
  • They can run up to three miles per hour on a wheel in their cage.
  • They can store food, bedding, and toys in their cheek pouches.
  • They love to eat fresh vegetables and fruits such as apples, carrots, cucumbers, broccoli, etc.
  • Some breeds of fancy bear hamsters have long tails.
  • They also have really sharp claws on all four paws, which helps them climb and run on a smooth surface.

Final Thoughts

Fancy Bear Hamsters are very intelligent and social. They’re also quite playful, so they’ll need a lot of time to exercise their minds with puzzles, toys, and other things that challenge them mentally. If you want your bear hamster to be tame enough for handling by humans, make sure it’s well-fed (fancy bears can get picky) and has plenty of space in its cage or tank. Spend some time every day interacting with the pet as often as possible — ideally at least an hour in the evening.

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