Do Syrian Hamsters Bite? 10 Surprising Facts

The Syrian hamster is a small, furry creature that can do some pretty surprising things. One of the more common questions about them is do Syrian hamsters bite? The answer to this question may surprise you!

Syrian hamsters they are more likely to bite when they are scared, hungry, or when picked them up by holding under their neck or tail. They could also bite if their sleep habits are disrupted.

The teeth of this small creature are too weak to do any serious damage and the wound will heal quickly without leaving a scar. However, it is suggested to wear gloves before handling your hamster.

Do Baby Syrian Hamsters Bite? 

Compared to adult hamsters, Syrian baby hamsters will bite more often. When they are first getting used to their environment and new owners, it is common for Syrian baby hamsters to nip or even full-out bite in fear or confusion of what is going on around them.

Unfortunately, this biting will not leave any serious damage. The fact is that most hamsters will bite you when you pick them up if they are not used to being handled. However, there are some important differences in biting among different breeds of hamsters.

Do Syrian Hamster Bites Hurt?

Bites by Syrian hamsters are uncommon and typically happen when the animal feels threatened or is overly excited. It will not hurt as long as you don’t get a deep bite.

If your Syrian hamster only gives small nips, chances are you will not need first aid. However, if you see bleeding or bruising after being bitten by them, and if this is excessive, get medical help immediately.

The most important factor whether your hamster will bite you depends on how it was treated when it was younger. For example, if the hamster is hand-raised and has a loving relationship with its owners, it will be less likely to bite.

If you are not sure about how your hamster treats you, don’t pet it without asking for permission first. First, start with a wave of your hand near their face rather than directly picking them up without warning. Do not persist if your hamster does not like being picked up or touched.

Most Syrian hamsters are friendly and good-tempered, so this should not be a concern, although some may nip at fingers if handled roughly. Do not drop or mishandle the animal, as this will lead to biting behavior.

Why Does My Syrian Hamster Bite The Cage?

Biting behavior among rodents is not rare, and there are several reasons why your pet might do it. However, to understand these behaviors well, you need to know a little bit about rodent teeth.

Rodents have two kinds of sharp incisors that keep growing throughout their lives, which means if they do not chew on something hard or wear them down by gnawing, then they end up with overgrown teeth pretty quickly! Because of this reason, all rodents try to use objects around them as a source for chewing activity, such as cage or toys inside the case. Hamsters tend to do the same with their bedding (wood shavings, hay) or even wires in their cage.

Sometimes hamsters do not like changes to their environment and end up biting at anything new they see. Hamsters also need things to chew on for healthy teeth development, so always supply them with some safe objects inside the cage to chew on.

How To Hold A Hamster Without It Biting You? 

  • Do not pick up your hamster by the base of the tail! This can cause your hamster to become terrified or angry.
  • Please do not pick up your hamster with your thumb under their head, they could accidentally turn around and bite it off!
  • Hold your hamster in an upright position with his belly facing towards you. Do not hold him upside-down.
  • Try to carry your hamster in the palm of your hand, cupped comfortably by both of your hands.
  • Holding them too tightly could cause serious injury! Do not squeeze too hard or suddenly!  

Be patient with your hamster when trying to handle them for the first time. Do remember these tips and tricks on how not to scare a hamster into biting.

Hamsters are small rodents. They have tiny sharp teeth, so it can hurt if you handle them in the wrong way when they bite. Female Syrians are more likely to bite than male Syrians because females are known to be territorial.

Hamster Bite Warning Signs 

If your hamster puts their ears back, flattens its stomach against the ground, and poofs up its fur, they are afraid or angry. AT this moment, do not pick them up! They will probably bite you out of fear. 

If you already picked them up, put them down again and leave them alone!

Biting can be prevented as long as you know some basic facts about hamsters. So do remember these tips mentioned in this article. Also, remember to practice patience when getting used to a new pet, especially a furry rodent-like a Syrian hamster!

Final Thought On Can Syrian Hamsters Bite

You can handle a Syrian hamster without getting bitten when you know what to do. If you are new to caring for these animals, it is best to have an experienced person show you the proper way of holding them so that they don’t feel threatened or scared and therefore bite. Once your pet becomes accustomed to being handled by humans, then handling them yourself will be easier. When holding your Syrian hamster, keep in mind to hold them currently.

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