Chinese Hamster: All You Need To Know In 2022

chinese hamster

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Chinese hamsters are a domesticated species of the hamster, which is native to china. These small rodents are often kept as pets and enjoyed by many people all over the world because they make great companions. It is also known as the chinese dwarf hamster and it has many distinctive features that make it unique from other types of hamsters.

Following table represent Chinese hamster lifespan, weight, body length and tail size:

Average Lifespan2 to 3 years
Average Weight 30 to 45 grams
Average Body Length 3.5 to 5 inch
Tail Length 0.8 to 1.2 inch

The chinese hamsters are usually kept as pets, but they are widely used to test new drugs because of their similarity to humans.


Types of Chinese Hamsters

There are many different types of chinese hamster, some more popular than others. One common type is the Roborovski Chinese Hamsters which have a short tail that’s approximately equal to its body length. They also have very large ears and can grow up to six inches long!

Another popular chinese hamster is the Teddy Bear Chinese Hamsters, who are low in numbers and high on cuteness with their extremely soft brown fur. They are the smallest chinese hamster in size and can grow up to about two inches long.

There is also a chinese hamster called the Winter White that has its coat turn white during wintertime; this happens because of coats changing color according to temperature changes! This type of chinese hamsters only lives for an average of one year.

Perhaps the most common chinese hamster is the Russian Chinese Hamsters, also known as Campbell’s Rusian Hamster. This type of chinese hamsters is perfect for beginners because they’re docile and easy to handle but are still a lot of fun! They grow up to about four inches long on average and can live up to three years.

Finally, there are Chinese hamsters called the Dusky Chinese Hamster, which is also one of the smallest Chinese hamsters in the world. They have thick, light brown fur and grow up to about one inch long!

Behavior And Diet

Chinese hamsters are solitary animals, meaning they can live on their own. However, they also prefer to be active at night and sleep during the daytime! 

The Chinese hamster’s diet consists mainly of seeds, vegetables, nuts, and various other treats, including corn flakes or dried fruit. It is important that chinese hamsters eat these types of foods because it helps them digest food properly and provides them with essential nutrients!

They are quite curious, which means they love to explore! So they’ll spend a lot of their time running around and exploring the toys in their cage. 

When this hamster feels threatened, it will run away from its aggressor to escape danger without being captured or harmed. If this doesn’t work, Chinese hamsters will often release a foul-smelling fluid from their anal glands as an act of defense!

Breeding Habits

Both males and females need to stay away from each other until they’re 12 weeks old, because if they mate too early, there could be complications like birth defects or even death of the mother hamster.

If you think your chinese hammers should meet potential mates, then make sure you place the hamster’s cage next to each other for a few days. So that the hamster can smell its partner, hear and see each other. Once they get used to each other, keep them in same cage for few days.

Once chinese hammers have mated, it’s important for female chinese hammers to stay in their mating area until they give birth. After the female hamster gave birth, the male hamster should be kept in a separate enclosure as they don’t provide any parental care.

Colors Pattern

Chinese hamsters come in many colour combination, black, grey, brown and white. However, white chinese hamsters coat changes color according to temperature. 

Black Chinese hammer has a dark brown or almost black fur with few grey markings! They’re also one of the most common types around because they’re docile and easy to handle, making them perfect for beginners! Black Chinese Hammers grow up to about four inches long on average and live up to three years old while their maximum lifespan is five years old.

Diseases, Mites, And Ticks

Chinese hamsters can be prone to various diseases, mites and ticks. A Chinese hammer disease is called “Sarcoptic Mange” or simply mange, a skin condition where the hamsters lose their fur in patches while developing scabs on the places with the fur leftover!

It’s important for chinese hammers owners to brush their hamsters weekly to remove ticks from their bodies. If the ticks are not removed, the hamster will scratch their body due to itchy skin, leading to potential infections.

Are Chinese Hamsters Good Pets?

Yes! chinese hamsters are great pets! They’re small, social and easy to care for. They’re also really good at keeping themselves entertained, which means you’ll never have to worry about chinese hamsters being lonely! They also get along with humans if trained.

How Much Do Chinese Hamster Cost?

$25 – 30 USD on average. The price of one depends on where they’re being sold from and how old they are, but this is an approximate range. They can be as low as $20 or as high as $40. A good place to look for them would be popular pet websites like PetSmart’s or nearby pet stores.

Are Chinese Hamster Fast?

They are not always the fastest of rodents. Some might be faster than others and some might have different speeds at certain times in their life, but this is a general rule for most animals: as they age, they tend to get slower because they become less agile with time.

However, it’s important to note that there have been no studies on the speed of these specific hamsters, so nothing can yet be confirmed about how fast or slow these little critters actually are compared to other types of rodents.

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