10 Fun Things To Do With Your Hamster

10 Fun Things To Do With Your Hamster

It’s fun to have a hamster. They’re so cute and fun to play with, and they make great pets for children and adults alike. I think one of the best things about having a hamster is all the fun activities you can do with them! In this article, we’ll talk about 10 fun things that … Read more

How Do Hamsters Get Mites? [7 Reasons, 4 Tips]

How Do Hamsters Get Mites

Hamsters have become popular pocket pets worldwide due to their docile nature, ease of care, and low cost. However, hamster owners may be unaware that their hamsters can be infested with various parasitic pests like mites or bugs, which cause suffering and discomfort for these little creatures. So as a hamster owner, you should know … Read more

Can Teddy Bear Hamsters Live Together?

Can Teddy Bear Hamsters Live Together

Teddy bear hamsters can be a great addition to your family and can bring years of happiness. However, it is important to know can teddy bear hamsters can live together or separately. Some people think they can only live together, while others believe they should be kept separate. So, I did a little research on … Read more

Screaming Hamster: Why Does A Hamster scream?

screaming hamster

We all know that hamsters are cute and furry little animals. But sometimes, they can make peculiar noises that humans cannot understand easily. which leads to many questing regarding screaming hamster. I have done my own research on the topic here’s what I know: Why Does A Hamster scream? Generally, most hamsters may scream if … Read more