Can Teddy Bear Hamsters Live Together?

Can Teddy Bear Hamsters Live Together

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Teddy bear hamsters can be a great addition to your family and can bring years of happiness. However, it is important to know can teddy bear hamsters can live together or separately. Some people think they can only live together, while others believe they should be kept separate. So, I did a little research on the topic and here’s what I know:

Can Teddy Bear Hamsters Live Together? Teddy bear hamsters should not be kept in pairs or groups in the same cage because they will fight and injure themselves. However, they can live together in the same cage unlit they are 3 weeks old (before their territorial behavior kicks in).

Living in the same cage before they are three weeks old can promote bonding between mother and babies. However, as soon as they get older than three weeks, they should be separated because fighting will break out, resulting in injuries like missing toes, which can cause other health issues.

Can Two Female Teddy Bear Hamsters Live Together?

Two female teddy bear hamsters can live together, but sometimes one of them can bully the other. Make sure to set up enough toys in the cage so that they will be busy exploring rather than fighting with each other. 

However, after keeping them in the same cage, monitor them every day. If you find them fighting with each other, separate them.

To see if one female is bullying another, look at their tails. If one’s tail goes up higher than the other’s, it might be being bullied by the other because that means she feels like her territory has been invaded or taken from her. In this situation, she will act aggressively towards others who come into her space to show dominance over whatever area she deems hers, even though technically, all areas are shared between everyone in a cage.

Pro And Cons Of Having Single VS Multiple Teddy Bear Hamsters 

The pros of having a single teddy bear hamster:

  • Can save money on food and toys.
  • Less noise and smell in the house
  • Easy to carry from one place to another  

The cons of having a multiple teddy bear hamster:

  • Fight with each other and injured themselves. 
  • More expense on food, toys and cage.
  • More time spends on cleaning the cage.

When To Separate Teddy Bear Hamster?

If you have two or more hamsters living in one cage, make sure to put it in a separate cage immediately if your pet is exhibiting signs of territorial behavior. These include squeaking or blood being drawn during fights over territory and dominance; one will often take the top position while another tries to push them off their spot. Suppose these conditions are met, but fighting still occurs for no apparent reason. In that case, we recommend housing each animal individually as prevention against future altercations that may be more severe than before.

Why Pet Shop Keeps Teddy Bear Hamster Together? 

Hamsters in pet shops come from breeding mills and are still young before their territorial behavior kicks in. They are sold fast enough before they mature; this is why you don’t see hamsters fighting each other when they are kept in the same cage in the shop.  

When two hamsters are brought together from a pet shop and given a new home, they usually start to fight each other as their territorial instincts begin to develop. It is not uncommon for them to stay in the same cage and become best friends even though it would be more likely that one will eventually kill the other because of natural instinct.

Are Teddy Bear Hamsters Good For Beginners?

Teddy bear hamsters make an excellent pet for beginners. They cost less than other breeds and have a lower chance of biting when scared. In addition, they’re a low maintenance breed and only need about an hour out of their cage each day and they are easy to handle and carry around the house without getting hurt or scared.

Final Thought on Can Teddy Bear Hamsters Live Together?

Teddy Bear Hamsters are typically solitary animals, and it is not recommended to keep more than one hamster in the same cage. If two hamsters live in the same cage, they will fight for territory or bully one another, leading to injury or illness. Therefore, it’s best to keep them separated if possible so that both have their own space.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are teddy bear hamsters friendly? Teddy bear hamsters can be friendly with humans if trained accordingly. But they usually don’t get friendly with other hamsters; they can get territorial and start fighting with each other.

Do teddy bear hamsters bite humans? Teddy bear hamsters can bite humans if they feel threaten or scared. They can also get aggressive with other hamsters and bite them if kept in the same cage.

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