10 Fun Things To Do With Your Hamster

10 Fun Things To Do With Your Hamster

It’s fun to have a hamster. They’re so cute and fun to play with, and they make great pets for children and adults alike. I think one of the best things about having a hamster is all the fun activities you can do with them! In this article, we’ll talk about 10 fun things that your pet hamster will love to do with you.

Following are the 10 fun things you can do with your hamsters:

  1. Teach them fun tricks like walking on a leash or playing fetch!
  2. Take fun pictures of your hamster doing cute poses.
  3. Let your hamster run around a fun obstacle course.
  4. Feed them yummy treats, like fresh fruits and veggies!
  5. Hide fun toys in their cage for them to find when playtime comes along.
  6. Give them fun treats from your hand.
  7. Build a fun hamster playground in your backyard!
  8. Catch fun bugs for your hamsters to treat them.
  9. Tickle their tummies; they will love it and laugh out loud (really!)!
  10. Put cute little outfits on your hamsters.

Fun Toys For Hamsters To Play With

Give fun toys to your hamster so they can have fun. A fun toy for a hamster is one that fulfills their need of playing and at the same time, it keeps them healthy by not gaining excess weight. The fun things you buy should be safe because the health of your hamsters will depend on this, if they are sick then it’s no fun! Some fun toys include:

  • Running Wheel- Great for hamsters to get exercise and be active. It is also fun to watch them run!
  • Chew Toys- help to keep their teeth healthy and clean.
  • Tunnels- Hamster loves to explore, so set up tunnels in their cage, so that your hamsters can have fun rooming around.
  • Climbing Strings– hamster loves climbing, so climbing strings are great for them
  • Scratching Post- a fun toy that helps keep their nails healthy.

How Can I Make My Hamster Happy?

Start by keeping their cage clean and full of fun toys. Make sure you get a playpen so they have room to run around while out of their home. These little guys love chew sticks, so be sure to pick some up for them! They also love to run in exercise wheels, so get the biggest one you can ( make sure it fits in the cage).

Also, make sure to play with your hamsters outside the cage often! They will appreciate you and show their love by doing tricks! Remember, all animals need lots of attention.

Signs Of A Happy And Healthy hamster

Following are the sign of a happy hamster:

  • A hamster that is active and playful
  • A healthy-looking coat with no bald spots
  • They will show interest in food again 
  • Clear eyes without redness or discharge
  • Clean ears, no odor
  • Healthy teeth – wear on the incisors is normal but should not be excessive or too sharp 
  • Healthy nails – no signs of scratching at the cage bars, feet should not be swollen or sore.

How Often Should I Take My Hamster Out Of The Cage

Many hamster owners ask themselves the question: How often should I take my hamster out of the cage? The answer to this question is simple but important. Hamsters require at least one hour outside of their cage every day. This will help them stay healthy and happy!

However, if you don’t have enough time to play with your hamster, you should place different types of entertaining toys inside the cage to make sure your hamster does not get bored. Also, make sure to put your hamster in a big cage, so that they can explore around.

What Are Some Of The Best Treats For A Hamster?

Some of the best treats for a hamster are:

  • Sunflower seeds (unsalted) – are a great source of protein and fat. But should always be given in moderation as they’re high in calories.
  • Pumpkin seeds (unsalted)- again, these contain lots of good fats and proteins that your hamster will love! You can give them either raw or roasted pumpkin seeds which makes it more interesting if you have more than one type available
  • Apple Slice- these are a great source of vitamin A, C and fibre. Make sure to remove the seeds though as they can be toxic.
  • Peanut – this is high in protein and fat which makes it a good treat for your hamster! But make sure you give them a small amount each time. It’s also better if you get unsalted peanut
  • Dried corn kernels- they contain lots of natural sugars which make them tasty to eat! But again, they’re high in calories so give them in moderation
  • Popcorn- this is a great treat for your hamster. Just ensure that it’s plain popcorn and not covered in any butter or salt etc.

Read my recent article where I explain about different types of nuts that are safe for hamsters.

Summary On 10 Fun Things To Do With Your Hamster

The best way to have a happy hamster is by ensuring they are well-loved, cared for, and provided with enough playtime. This will ensure your pet has all the tools necessary for living its happiest life. The best way to help your hamster is by providing them with a stimulating environment and playing fun games with them.

In this blog post, I have explained different types of funny things to do with your hamster, that will keep them happy and healthy and also make you entertained.


Alina Johnson

Alina has years of experience with the hardships and pleasures that come from owning many hamsters. She has been involved with hamsters for about 5 years and knows everything there is to know about owning these furry friends.

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