How Bad Do Syrian Hamsters Smell?

How Bad Do Syrian Hamsters Smell?

Before you want to buy a Syrian hamster, a question may pop up in your mind about how bad does a Syrian hamster smell? First, let me tell you that all hamsters smell, some hamsters smell more than other hamsters. However, I have done complete research on how bad does Syrian hamsters smell, and here’s … Read more

10 Fun Things To Do With Your Hamster

10 Fun Things To Do With Your Hamster

It’s fun to have a hamster. They’re so cute and fun to play with, and they make great pets for children and adults alike. I think one of the best things about having a hamster is all the fun activities you can do with them! In this article, we’ll talk about 10 fun things that … Read more

What Nuts Are Good For Hamsters?

What Nuts Are Good For Hamsters

Nuts are extremely nutritious for hamsters. It is high in protein, has healthy fats, and provides a lot of energy to the hamsters! However, if you have a hamster, a question may arise in your mind, what nuts are good for hamsters? I have researched the following topic and find the following nuts that are good for … Read more

How Do Hamsters Get Mites? [7 Reasons, 4 Tips]

How Do Hamsters Get Mites

Hamsters have become popular pocket pets worldwide due to their docile nature, ease of care, and low cost. However, hamster owners may be unaware that their hamsters can be infested with various parasitic pests like mites or bugs, which cause suffering and discomfort for these little creatures. So as a hamster owner, you should know … Read more

The Best 450 Square Inch Hamster Cage

450 Square Inch Hamster Cage

The Importance of big size hamster case ( 450 square inch hamster cage) is that it allows the hamsters to feel safe and comfortable. You can also place different types of hamster toys inside the cage with enough space for your hamster to room around the cage. Although they are small animals, even these little … Read more